?The brain storm activity: working with hearts and crafts for the bright future of Tenry

On Sep 17th, Working with Hearts and Crafts for The Bright Future of Tenry – 2018 industrial section brain storm salon hosted by Tenry Pharmaceutical industrial section solemnly opened at Shanghai Dongfulong Technology Co. Ltd.! This salon contains several parts, such as visiting factory, keynote speck, an hundred words speech, guest speech, CEO speech and the others. This activity is hosted by Mr. Wei Chunming, the vice president of Tenry industrial section, leaders of other functions within industrial section all attended it, as well as Mr. Ye Tao, the CEO of Tenry and leaders of other sections. Meanwhile, Mr. Zheng Jinwang, the vice President of Shanghai Dongfulong Technology Co. Ltd. and parts of management team also attended the activity as distinguished guests.



Part one, Plant visiting

In the morning, the activity members visited headquarter center of Dongfulong, and its injection plant, solid preparations plant. Not only clearly observing the assembling of the equipment, also observing the adjustment of advanced production line for Isolator lyophilized preparation which is strictly meet FDA standard. And the members also deeply discussed the trend of pharmaceutical industrys future isolation, continuity, and automation.


Part two: keynote speech


Mr. Wei Chunming, the vice president of Tenry Pharmaceutical industrial section, deeply analyzed the new opportunity for pharmaceutical industry based on Internet plus, 2015 made in China, one belt one road policy, and he also analyzed external challenge of pharmaceutical industry under policy trend, at last correspond with opportunity and challenge he emphasized basic trail of industrial sections first 3 years plan. His speech helped us have a more clearly understanding of industrial sections future direction.

Mr.Tang Zhaocan, the head of Tenry Pharmaceutical producing plant, and Mr. Wei Jianguo, the head of Qingping Pharmaceutical producing plant, gave their speech respectively. They analyzed their own plant’s advantage and disadvantage based on the 3 years basic plan of Tenry industrial section, and they also specified their plants’ deployment strategy and key methods. Mr. Jing Tao, the vice director of procurement operation department, gave a detailed report about how the procurement operation department will support the two plants’ development by laying a solid foundation, optimizing process, and saving cost. The speech of function leads of industrial section brings us much more confidence about industrial section’s future development.


Dont blink, in case you will miss the highlights!

The key points are coming!

Part two:Hundred Words Speech

The most innovated and warmly part is “Hundred Words Speech”, each departments’ responsible person of Industrial Function provided 10 reasonable suggestions based on Tenry’s current development plan, which focus on four major directions of Industrial Function’s continuously development, people development, process management, product quality, and manufacture basement management. During the forum, every participant part their heads together warmly analyzed and discussed each plan. In the meanwhile, the core management team of Dongfulong also shared their successful experience about enterprise operation. The suggestions and ideas from each part gathered a series of execution plan, and widen the train of thought about Industrial Function’s currency and future. We believe the implementation of these plans will definitely bring deeply influence towards the future of Industrial Function.

Part four Guest Speech

As the invited guest, Mr. Zheng Jinwang, the vice president of Dongfulong Co. Ltd., shared his experience and thought per pharmaceutical industry’s development, industrial development and international strategic. He indicated under the trend of tightened industry regulation, pharmaceutical company’s development should focus on research, quality and manufacture.

For research aspect, we should pay more attention to the strategy of variety. In the international market, we need to make different choice about mature market and new emerging market. And we also need to pay attention to complicated preparations, biological medicine and cell therapy.

Per quality aspect, let GMP management method to be the core culture of the company and place an emphasis on quality. We need to establish quality awareness based on our own point of view. In order to let our enterprise remain invincible, we also need to pay more attention to learning and training.

Per manufacture aspect, the development trends of pharmaceutical industry are mass manufacturing and flexible manufacturing, and we need to choose different customized platform based on different value and scale variety. We need to reduce the instability due to manual work.

At last, Mr. Zheng Jinwang shared Dong Fulong and other pharmaceutical companys experience about aspects of people development, enterprise culture and internationalization per the topics of Hundred Words Speechpart. His speech brought meaningful thoughts about company’s future plan.

Part five CEO Speech

At last, Mr. Ye Tao, the chairmen of Tenry, gave the concluding remark. Mr. Ye Tao expressed under the background of that the nation intensively issue policy to encourage medicine innovation and accelerate of medicine examination and approval, Tenry continuously focuses on medicine innovation. But in order to realize company strategic target, all the leaders of each Function need to work hard and complete target step by step. This brain storm classified the topics and gather them in a whole picture, and then can implement them in daily operation, and in the meanwhile it let us process learning exchange with other successful company. It is a truly meaningful activity.

Thanks Dongfulong for providing this opportunity to let the two companies learn from each other through this brain storm. We hope we can make is as a regular activity to let us continuously learn from each other and supervise each other’s behavior, then finally develop together.


Mr. Ye also indicated his confidence about the two companies’ cooperation. He said that the upgrade of pharmaceutical industry needs the improvement of pharmaceutical equipment technology, and he hope we can further cooperate with Dongfulong to build intelligent production base. Let’s us go forward hand by hand to become the example of the whole industry.